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    Gingham Story

    Hey guys! If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed skirts aren’t exactly “my thing”. L-O-L. To be quite honest, I’ve always found them slightly…

  • Stand up for Love Zara Tshirt
    Style Stories

    Love is All We Need

    Let’s talk about love people. Oh, love. Most people spend a good part of their time searching for love. They want “the one”, their “soulmate”, or more commonly today “BAE”. While…

  • Silk navy bomber jacket and wrap dress outfit
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    It’s a Wrap

    “It’s a Wrap” because I’m wearing a WRAP dress. Get it? Thank goodness for terrible puns to brighten this gloomy Monday. (Insert praising hands emoji here). In all seriousness, I have…

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    Honey Honey

    Often I find it isn’t the actual clothing that gives me creative inspiration. It definitely can be, and has been the case that a simple picture of an outfit sparks a…

  • Jord wooden watches | Contest giveaway #jordwatches #springtimewithjord #woodenwatch
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    Off Duty With Jord

    Hey guys, I hope you all are having an awesome week! If you’re like me, I’m sure you’re ready for the weekend! I certainly am. Today I am featuring a collaboration…

  • atlanta rooftop fashion photography
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    City Nights

    Have you ever been too much for someone? Too sensitive, too emotional, too busy, too cold? But to someone else you’re just not quite enough. Not deep enough, available enough, open…

  • Urban Outfitters BDG overall dress in black | summer edgy fashion
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    Overall Dress

    Alright guys, so a few quick updates. I’ve got two brands I’ve partnered with that I will be sharing about soon and I’m super excited and in love with both! So…

  • romwe color block button-up shirt | fashion and outfit inspiration
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    The Updated Button-up

    TGIF! Thank GOODNESS It’s FRIDAY! Even though I work over the weekend, it still feels nice to get into a bit of a “chill” mode, hang out with friends, go out…