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    Retro Atlanta

    Retro: relating to, reviving, or being the styles and especially the fashions of the past; One of the coolest parts about fashion for me is seeing trends come back around and…

  • Winter style and outfit ideas
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    Sweater Weather

    Cozying up in sweaters are one of my favorite parts about the weather getting colder. There is something about being in a warm coffee shop, in a big knit with a…

  • New York City travel and outfit inspiration
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    New York City Diary

    New York City was a dream, once again. Call me cliche but that city makes me feel so vibrant, so alive. After spending an entire week basically unplugged in Kentucky, visiting…

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    Baby Blue

    Although I’m a pretty organized and Type A person, my life has been pretty hectic these days. One routine that never fails me is morning coffee and blog shoots with my…

  • Vintage polo hat - Style stories by MarahCAR
    Style Stories

    The Old Made New

    Have you ever found something that you bought so long ago and absolutely LOVED but since then, it has either been deemed “uncool” or it isn’t the hottest style anymore? In…

  • Life Style Stories

    Quarter of a Century

    Here we are. 25 years. A quarter of a century. The last of my “early 20’s”. And by we, I guess I really mean “me”, but for journalism purposes “we” just…

  • Inspire Style Stories


    “I don’t mind differences of opinion. I do mind hate.” With everything going on lately, my mind seems to be filled with questions. How can anyone hate anyone else based solely…

  • Atlanta 2 year anniversary - Life as an atlanta blogger and stylist
    Life Style Stories


    Two years ago, I left the only state (Kentucky) I’d ever really known and started a new life in Atlanta, Georgia. Before I go into my time here, what I’ve learned,…