About Me | A young model and affordable fashion blogger in Atlanta. Follow along for fashion, fitness, & adventure! | MarahCARHey there! I’m Marah! A model and affordable fashion blogger based in Atlanta, GA. Creator and editor of MarahCAR. A place for chasing dreams and crushing goals all while looking stylish and saving money.

A little about my story…

June of 2014, fresh out of college, working as a secretary for a construction company I found myself bored, questioning what I wanted to do with my life . As a goofy (the goofy part hasn’t changed) 21 year old, it was a legitimate fear that I had no clue what I wanted to pursue. As a communications major in college, I knew that I enjoyed anything to do with media, photography, videography, and technology but was unsure of the direction I wanted to take. All I knew is I wanted to do and be more!

My love for fashion has always been there. I can remember drawing and designing clothes and fashion magazines at around 9 years old with my best friend from childhood. Even as an athlete and pretty big tomboy throughout high school and college, I always had the urge to try new styles and always loved keeping tabs on the top celebrities, designers, and models, what they were doing and more specifically what they were wearing. Although I couldn’t afford their clothes, I had a knack for finding similar items for WAY less at consignment/thrift stores or from scavenging the sale racks! TjMaxx, I will always love you.

As I researched more into the blogging world and realized that a lot of these bloggers get to do this for a living my passion was sparked! Technology and fashion all in one? Sounds like a dream come true! So MarahCAR was born, with my little brother as my photographer and me having absolutely no clue what I  was doing!

Almost 3 years later, I still can’t say I have it all figured out but I’ve come a long way. I currently live in Atlanta, GA continuing to learn and pursue fashion in all different aspects.

MarahCAR is my true passion and allows me to bring to light all of my experiences and share about what makes me happiest! This blog showcases how I blend together my tomboy nature and love for fashion & affordable clothing, my passions for fitness & health, and my dream of being able to inspire and motivate others. I hope this place inspires you as much as it continues to inspire me!

Be sure to follow along with my adventures and daily life in Atlanta on Instagram and check out my Pinterest for even more inspiration, outfit ideas, healthy recipes and fitness advice!



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