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vintage levi jeans with pajama shirt

Silk pajama style shirt

I’m going to be honest about something very serious. I passed these boots up the first time I saw them and didn’t actually purchase them until months later. WHY? I DON’T KNOW! I was kicking myself as well. But occasionally the fashion gods are on our side and when you come across a great thing twice, AND IT’S ON SALE? I mean can I get an amen?! White leather boots are a trend I have been seeing all over the instagram and street style archives these days and I will gladly add my little photo into the pack if it means I get to wear these boots every day.

To offset the bright white of the boots, I opted for a silk pajama style shirt (robe?) and love the way the silverish color almost looked white in the sunlight. If you’re as obsessed with white boots now as I am, I have linked some affordable options down below. Just for you (well really for everyone but I wanted you to feel special). xx

vintage levi jeans with white leather boots pajama shirt with vintage levi's jeans Affordable white boots vintage levi jeans with pajama shirt white boots street style outfit and inspiration



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