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Urban outfitters oval glasses | fashion blogger #uoonyou

Black Overall Dress with white ribbed turtleneck

I think one of the hardest but best parts about living in Atlanta is challenging myself to find new places to gain inspiration. I try really hard for my content not to all look exactly alike. While this definitely means photoshoots that are an actual flop, it also means that sometimes my vision comes to life and that, is the single most rewarding feeling in blogging.

I pass the Majestic Diner, located not even 10 minutes from my apartment, only about 50 times a week. It is on the main road that I take most places and every single time I pass, I envision a shoot. More than happy that I could finally make this happen and I hope you enjoy these fun photos as much as I do! xx

Urban Outfitters Oval Glasses | The Majestic Diner in Atlanta, GA Fashion blogger in black overall dress Old diner fashion photoshoot Black overall Dress | White forever21 turtleneck The majestic diner, Atlanta, GA Fashion blogger in winter outfit



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