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Urban Outfitters Atlanta Braves Jacket

Retro: relating to, reviving, or being the styles and especially the fashions of the past;

One of the coolest parts about fashion for me is seeing trends come back around and observing how people take ideas and styles from the past and put a new creative twist on it to really make it their own. I have become pretty obsessed with retro items that look like they are from the 70’s or 80’s and honestly, this personalized Atlanta jacket from Urban Outfitters, really hit that vibe right on the head. #FILA or forever I love Atlanta for your none Atlantians. It’s a shiny, vinyl material and looks like an old school coaches jacket with the collar and snap buttons. The bright red and funky letters give it a modern edge. 

Clothes are meant to be worn to express yourself. Some days I feel like wearing sweatpants and that’s okay. But when it comes down to pieces I absolutely HAVE to have, it is almost always because they bring out a certain feeling for me or make me feel a certain way when I wear it. This jacket not only portrays my love for this city, but it makes me feel unique and powerful and confident. Find the clothes that speak to you and that will speak for you, those are the items worth buying. xx

(P.S. This is a men’s jacket, I am wearing an XS but have linked others down below for you.)

Atlanta Braves jacket | #uoonyou Urban outfitters style

Atlanta Jacket Urban Outfitters | Men's retro jacket

Urban Outfitters atlanta jacket | Men's coach jacket

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