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Casual jeans and tee combination | Femme tshirt

“I don’t mind differences of opinion. I do mind hate.”

With everything going on lately, my mind seems to be filled with questions. How can anyone hate anyone else based solely on how they look? Why do we still consider ourselves better or more important because of the color of our skin, our religion, or who our family is? How can we hate someone for who they love and how they were born?

We are human. Flawed and imperfect. Uniquely different than every other single person on this planet. No two people are the same. If you hate someone different than you, then you have to hate every single person on planet earth. Seems ridiculous right? RIGHT!

God didn’t create this separation and these boundaries. We are ALL created in His image. Not just white people, not just Christians. EVERY ONE.

Wake up people. Listen to other people and their stories. Listen to how they feel and try to understand why they feel that way. Don’t be afraid because they are different than you! Have compassion. Have empathy. Learn to acknowledge differences without letting it affect how you see someone. Look at their heart. Look at their character. Give them grace. We all need it at some point. 

My goal is to love better. To love more, without restrictions or conditions. To love without circumstances or convenience. To search for beauty in each individual, deeper than how they look or the clothes they wear. Most importantly, I want to listen better. I may not be able to fully understand how they feel but I can listen and try. That’s all most of us want anyway.

Femme Urban Outfitters Tshirt | Learning to love our differences - Read the full story on MarahCAR

Femme urban outfitters tee | Read the story on MarahCAR

Tee – Urban Outfitters

Jeans – Vintage Levi’s

Shoes – H&M


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