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    The Art of Saying Yes

    Zara shiny wide leg pants

    As I was driving to a blog shoot the other day, I began thinking about how powerful it is to be able to say “no” to things. Without any explanation or having to defend yourself, to just be able to say “no” is something I think many people in this world lack. Whether it be because of fear, (fear of making someone mad or fear of judgement) or because of guilt (you would feel bad if you said no), we…

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  • Black teddy coat and denim
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    Winter Layers

    Well, it’s been unusually cold in Atlanta lately (yes, NYC people, I know I cannot complain) which means more layering than normal, but as a lover of winter layers, I don’t…

  • Red beret from Urban Outfitters
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    Red Beret

    Red used to be my least favorite color, especially to wear because I always felt like with red hair, I shouldn’t wear red. Any other redheads ever feel this way? But…

  • vintage levi jeans with pajama shirt
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    White Leather

    I’m going to be honest about something very serious. I passed these boots up the first time I saw them and didn’t actually purchase them until months later. WHY? I DON’T…

  • Urban outfitters oval glasses | fashion blogger #uoonyou
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    The Majestic

    I think one of the hardest but best parts about living in Atlanta is challenging myself to find new places to gain inspiration. I try really hard for my content not…

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    Snow Day in ATL

    Growing up, snow in Kentucky meant days off from school, golf course sledding, a fire in my parent’s fire place burning 24/7, and extended slumber parties with my friends. Since living…

  • Jord wooden watch giveaway and discount | Wooden Watch
    Style Stories

    Holidays with Jord

    It’s that time of year with the Holidays quickly approaching and if you’re anything like me, you really try to put a lot of thought into Christmas presents for the special…

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    Retro Atlanta

    Retro: relating to, reviving, or being the styles and especially the fashions of the past; One of the coolest parts about fashion for me is seeing trends come back around and…

  • Winter style and outfit ideas
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    Sweater Weather

    Cozying up in sweaters are one of my favorite parts about the weather getting colder. There is something about being in a warm coffee shop, in a big knit with a…

  • New York City travel and outfit inspiration
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    New York City Diary

    New York City was a dream, once again. Call me cliche but that city makes me feel so vibrant, so alive. After spending an entire week basically unplugged in Kentucky, visiting…